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Vision & Conception

Long before the Diggers roll in, the Process has already begun. It might sound natural, but first of all, you have picture a vision. What Trail do we want? What kind of Trail do we need? What should the Trail look like? Who will ride it? Do we have the right Terrain for those purposes? 

It's not an easy task to sharpen this picture of a Trail that is only existing in your mind and to bring it to paper, but it's inevitable to create a clear Vision and Concept of a Project, that everybody has the same Picture in mind. 

This is one of the most critical Milestones of a Project and if done right, it will simplify the whole Flow of the Project in the upcomming Phases. 


  • Channeling ideas and Visions

  • feasibility study

  • demand analysis

  • Defining Goals and Strategy

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