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Zielstadion Line Bikepark Schladming stage 1 / 2021

Bikepark Schladming is famous for it's Downhill Worldcup Track, attracting Top Racers and the Core Scene. A major Milestone was the construction of the Jumpline and a 7km long Flowline from the Top of the mountain to the Middle Station in 2019, which extended the Trail Network by far and improved the upper area of the mountain. 

The next step is to make the steeper lower part of Planai more accessible for beginners and families. The first stage was realized in 2021 with a hybrid Trail mix between a Flowline and Singletrail, which feels quite unique to ride. There are elements of Flowlines like perfectly shaped,  steep berms, rollers and little Jump options, all covered up and renaturated carefully to end up with a Singletrail between 90cm- 120cm width.  


  • length: 1,5k

  • gradient: 8%

  • construction Time: 40 days

  • Machines: 5t + 2,7t Digger 

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