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Sheepy Hollow Trail Saalbach Hinterglemm

Starting. Towards the end of Summer 2022 we got assigned by Shape.Syndicate to work on the new Connection Trail from Westgipfel to the Trails of Schattberg in Saalbach Hinterglemm.
Until now, Riders traversing from Hinterglemm back to Saalbach had to descend a long Fireroad from the Summit of Westgipfel to get to the Trails of Schattberg. The new Trails flows through the alpine Terrain with a breath-taking panorama, but the Trail itself offers some really fun sections that challenge the Riders. Working alongside another Crew from Shape.Syndicate we built the lower Section of this new Trail, adapting our ideas and building techniques to the challenging Terrain and rocky underground.


  • length: 400m

  • gradient: 12%

  • construction Time: 20 days

  • Machines: 4,5t Digger 

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