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Bachtl Trail

The first big Project in my home area. There are already multiple high-class singletrails in the Tiroler Zugspitzarena, but the Bachtl Trail is the first real Flowtrail in the Area. The Terrain wasn't the easiest for a blue-graded line, so we had put a lot of effort into the Traildesign and adapt Berms to level out height differences. 

The local Material was extremly variable, sorting buckets and a very motivated handcrew made up for rocky soil, However we had to switch to import Material for the second half of the Trail.


  • length: ca.2700m

  • gradient: 11%

  • construction Time: 60 days

  • Machines: 2,7t Digger and Dumpers

Bachtl Trail-19.jpg
Bachtl Trail-51.jpg
Bachtl Trail-25.jpg
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