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Finish Area Bikepark Schladming 2022

As soon as the snow was about to melt in Spring we started digging in Schladming. At first, we reshaped and rebuild the old Fourcross Track, built up the Berms and added new Features where we could, as we had to stick to the original route. 
Later we finally had the permission to built two bigger Jumps at the bottom of the Track to give the Riders some well earned Airtime after descending Planai. Our final task before the Bikepark Opening was to build up the "Nine Corners" section on the steep, open slope of Planai. 
Working in the Machine highly focused all day long was mandatory to not let go any rocks that would rush down into the Planai Stadium, and still create a attractive Trail Section with big Berms in steep Terrain.  



  • length: 1000m

  • gradient: various

  • construction Time: 30 days

  • Machines: 1,5t - 5t - 20t Digger 

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