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Flow Family Bikepark lienz 2020

In 2020, finally all Permissions were ready to build the 3rd Trail for Bikepark Lienz, the Flow Family Trail. The main goal was obviously building an easy Trail to make biking accessible for Kids, Beginners and Families. 

Our approach was not to build another boring highway down the mountain, but to build a flowy, fun Trail with perfect Berms and Jumps where anybody can have fun. All the jumps in the main riding line are smooth and rollable, to add a bit spice for advanced riders we were able to build some nice side hits along the Trail for more airtime. 

Besides unusual heavy weather conditions and unexpected water-bearing formations in the ground, the main challenge was to keep a continuous grade of 8% without any steeper parts down the challenging terrain of Hochstein in Lienz.


  • length: 3,5k

  • gradient: 8%

  • construction Time: 60 days

  • Machines: 5t Digger (1,5t Digger)

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