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Jumpline Bikepark Schladming 2019

Building a massive Jumpline in one of the oldest Bikeparks of Austria was definitely an honor, but very challenging. A huge number of landowners with various wishes and demand made routing a hard task, but together with the Bergbahnen Planai we found a suitable Solution. 

My tasks were very diverse, I was part of a small team, consisting of Reini Prugger, Günter& Markus Pekoll from Bergbahnen Planai as the Client and Peter Fernbach from Alpreif, which started Planning this Project last year. 

We had the chance to open a completely new Terrain on Planai which was almost perfectly suited for a Jumpline. The Goal was -NOT- to create another "Wannabe"-Copy of A-Line, we wanted to create our own interpretation of a Jumpline, which would also fit the Terrain without massive impact on Nature. 

Another Goal was to make a fun Line, but in a safe way. 

My Part was, besides the Projectmanagement, especially Planning, on-Site-coordination and Traildesign. My approach was to design the Trail in a more creative way, adapt it to the Terrain with unique Features but also reducing the Speed to keep it safe and keep maintenance low

Most of the Trail is running through nice open Woods, so we were limited to work with 5t Machines, but closer to the bottom we designed "Jumpbatteries" for more Airtime with Import Material and a 20t Machine. 


  • length: 3,5k

  • gradient: 8%

  • construction Time: 80 days

  • Machines: 1x 20t Digger, 2x 5t Digger, 1x 2,5t Digger

DJI_0010 copy.jpg
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