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Working on various Project over the years, I learnt that relationships with customers work best when the Traildesigners are fully involved in the Project from the very beginning. Developing a Concept and solid Planning are the most crucial Parts of a successful Project. In the construction phase the Designer is there to make sure the Visions and Ideas get to life and create a Trail with Charakter. 

Jumptrails - Flowlines - Singletrails - Pumptracks

Learn more about Fields of Work and recent Projects below.

Nina Rashid

Matias Flores

Art Director at Studio UnZoom 

Vision & conception

It all starts with a Vision. But from the first talks to creating plans, getting Permissions, finally start digging to the first ride is a long process that needs a lot of patience, persistence and endurance. We've all been there, and a helping hand from the beginning definitely helps.



Born in 1988, riding Bikes as long as I can remember. My love for Building evolved with my riding, always in need of bigger Jumps for more Airtime we also created bigger and better Jumps. Building and Riding always went Hand in Hand, it was just a natural thing for me to create stuff to ride Bikes, never thinking about it as a job by any means.


It took some time before I realised that it's possible to make a living out of "Trailbuilding" , anyhow I can feed of my experiences I made over the years scrambling through woods looking for Lines and Jumps and transfer and adapt my Knowledge to plan and build Mountainbike Trails for a wider Audience. 





'Bchtl Trail" Tiroler zugspitzarena
spring / summer 2023

A 2,7km Flowline from starting at Grubigstein Mid-Station to Lermoos with a lot of playful Features along the way


"sandy trail" trailcenter ossiacher see - Spring 2023

500m of mellow Jumps and easy Features to improve your Jump-Skills


Lake.Bike Jumpline Baumgartnerhof  Fall 2022 with Trailbauers

A 500m long, progressive Jumpline for intermediate Riders in the Lake.Bike Region around Villach 


Sheepy Hollow Trail - Saalach Hinterglemm Summer 2022

A new connection Trail for Saalbach Hinterglemm from Westgipfel to Schattberg, spiced up with flowy features


Community Building
Dirtpark Pfronten / Germany

Machine Work for the local Bike Club in Pfronten building a nice Dirtpark for the Community


Finish Area Bikepark Schladming 2022

Finally again a nice set of Jumps to finish the runs at Bikepark Schladming  + Rebuilding the old Fourcross Line with some new Features


Bikepark schladming/ FlowTrail "Zielstadion Line" summer - Fall 2021 / Spring 2022

The first stage of a long awaited project to create an easy option for beginners and Families that leads the way down to Schladming. 


Grossarltal - Flowtrail rebuild 
Summer 2021

Another complete Flowtrail Re-Build. On this Trail the original Routing was not ideal, so it was mandatory to move a lot of Dirt on some spots to correct the Line and create a nice and flowy experience for the Riders. This Project was a collaboration with the BATT Crew 


Bikepark Schladming fairy trail rebuild
Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 

The "Fairy Trail" was a Predecessor of modern Flowtrail, built over 10 years ago. 

The Challenge was to update the Trail, build proper Berms and create Flow while staying in the existing corridor.

Hogevarde Resort
Norway 2020

A nice combination of work and traveling, I had the chance to move some norwegian Rocks and create a small Kids Loop for Hogevarde Resort. 

Bikepark lienz/ Flow Family Trail 2020

The 3rd Trail Project for Bikepark Lienz, built from May - August 2020. A beginner - oriented Trail that definitely offers some creative options to get airborne for advanced riders, the goal was to create a Trail where anybody can have fun.

Bikepark Schladming/ Jumpline Project 2019

years in the Making, 2019 was finally the year to start building this massive Project. Designing this 3,5km long Jumpline was one of my biggest challenges to date, with lots of unknown factors and challenging terrain.

Bikepark Lienz/ Peter Sagan Trail 2018

The Peter Sagan Trail is Bikepark Lienz second Trail, a mix of Flowline with a lot of medium-sized Jumps and natural-rooty sections aswell.

Bikepark Schladming/ Finish Area 2018

The main Focus of the Finish Area was the massive WhipOff Jump, then a nice Table Line surrounding the WhipOff Jump for the Final Part of the DH Track. Another Challenge was to fit in a small Pumptrack for the Austrian Pumptrack Series

Pumptrack Großarltal 2018

creating a temporary Pumptrack from scratch on a parking lot at the bottom of Großarl's Singletrail. A clean and efficient workflow was key, working in the towncenter of Großarl

Bikepark Lienz/ Alban LakataTrail 2017

The Alban Lakata Trail is Bikepark Lienz first Trail, with more Trails planned for the Future. Realizing this Project was extremely challenging. Tight Corridors for Routing and a difficult situation with landowners made it very hard to build an easy-to-ride Trail for everyone.

Big Air Bike Republic Sölden Opening 2017

A huge wooden Construction with two different Ramps and a huge Landing that was covered with a Bagjump Landing Bag for Masters of Dirt Shows during the Opening of the Bike Republic Sölden 2017


PARTNERS and clients



Matthias Garber

+43 676 37 47 838

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